When Great Minds
Come Together

A mutual optimism for the future of gloves
production united us

Our Story

HARPS Holdings Berhad incorporated in year 2015 as an investment company. In view of the potential growth in glove industry, HARPS has acquired Central Medicare Sdn Bhd (CMSB) & New Era Medicare Sdn Bhd (NEM) in 2015.

CMSB is a wholly-owned subsidiary of HARPS in 2017. CMSB was incorporated in 2004 and has been principally engaged in manufacturing and marketing of examination gloves. Over the years CMSB have expanded from a single manufacturing facility with total 6 production lines and an annual manufacturing capacity of 1.1 billion nitrile examination gloves in 2015 to 27 production lines with a total annual installed production capacity of 8 billion gloves in 2020. Central Medicare is targeted to increase to 34 production lines with an annual capacity of 11.6 billion by 2021.

Another wholly-owned subsidiary of HARPS by 2015– NEM was incorporated in 2012 and was principally engaged in the business of manufacturing processing and marketing examination gloves. It ceased manufacturing operations in July 2017. NEM has then diverted its focus in research and development, manufacturing and distribution of surgical glove production technology with a new business model in healthcare industry. It will be incorporating glove making experience, technologies and resources available in specialty glove and surgical gloves.